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Criminal Law

If you were charged with a criminal offense or are under investigation for one, it is essential to take action and hire an experienced and effective criminal defense lawyer immediately. As a former public defender in both Nebraska and Colorado, as well as in private practice, Tregg has extensive experience in all misdemeanor and felony offenses.


Abusive Debt Collection

No matter how much money a consumer might owe on a debt, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act  prohibits abusive, deceptive and unfair debt collection tactics. The FDCPA covers household, family and personal debts, including medical expenses, credit card debts, auto loans and mortgages, to name a few items.


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a legal, affordable method to discharge and resolve your debts. Chapter 7 bankruptcy  helps discharge debts while simultaneously avoiding foreclosure. Also, you may be able to retain ownership of your vehicle and home. The Law Office of Tregg Lunn can help you with your personal and/or business debts through the appropriate bankruptcy proceeding.

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Tregg Lunn is a professional, respectful and top of the line lawyer who deeply cares about his clients. Tregg represented me in an FDCPA case where I was being harrassed by a debt collector that was trying to collect on a debt that wasn’t even mine. He was able to get the abusive collector to 1) quit calling my home and 2) reach a settlement that I was completely satisfied with. Tregg always had my best interest at heart and was very easy to talk to. I would highly recommend Tregg to anyone seeking legal assistance.


I have used Tregg for several different legal issues and have been very happy with his attention to detail, prompt communication, and positive results. I interviewed several different attorneys, and Tregg definitely was a notch above the rest.”


In a few short months my husband and I have been able to finally have no fear when answering the phone. We went through some rough financial times and we got behind. Tregg has helped my husband and I sue a few collections agencies for violating our rights under the FDCPA Laws. We have learned so much from working with him about our rights, how to protect ourselves, and how to make sure when paying our past debts we are giving our money to the right people. In the process of fighting back against “scavenger collections agencies” and weeding them out from the legitimate ones we have also found out there are scammers out there. All together we have profited about $3,000.00 from working with Tregg and the phone calls have significantly reduced. If you are having trouble being harrassed, threatened, being abused verbally, or mistreated by collections agencies, call Tregg, he is very knowledgeable about the FDCPA laws and can guide you through the process step by step and help you take control of your finances again! Thank you for always being understanding and empathizing with us. You are patient, kind and have always made us feel comfortable. We appreciate all of the work you have done with no up front costs, free consultations, and follow up phone calls! I know we will recommend you in the future and are grateful for all of the work you have already done with us.”


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